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Instead, he goes with Tanaka the Forbidden One, which references a different series, and ends up using his real name in the finale anyways. It worked, and the character has been known as Crimson Fox ever since, despite not having any crimson on her costume.

Further exposure came through two track offerings to Dwell Records tribute albums, namely in homage to industrial bands Ministry and Marilyn Manson.

Films — Live-Action The producers of the Arnold Schwarzenegger film Eraser had to spend several thousand dollars to rename by changing every instance in the negatives, as well as re-dubbing dialog the corporation which the Big Bad led that had committed contractor fraud from Cyrex to Cyrez, as it turned out there was a real corporation, microprocessor manufacturer Cyrix, with an incredibly similar name to what they originally used.

Card Games The Legend of the Five Rings card game suffered from this big time when the International Olympic Committee decided to enforce its ownership of five linked rings. Despite popular belieflegal action was not involved in the title change—Cameron has no more right to the word "Avatar" than Nickelodeon —but both parties agreed that their films could be hurt by the name confusion and Nickelodeon, having an alternative title to fall back on, decided to change their film's name.

Castle starts to say "It's actually called—", but Alexis cuts him off before he can say the name, saying "Don't bother, I've been correcting her all morning".

The name Flux was already adopted by another band and so was dropped due to the chance of copyright infringement and libel, while the latter names were abandoned within a period of six months so as not to alienate prospective label interest.

Contentious material about living people that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately. Additionally, the team no longer includes Mego toy based characters such as Acroyear, Biotron, and Microtron.

However, Pot Noodles have been slated on several occasions with Lister even preferring dog food over themmainly because Craig Charles himself despises them.

Guitarist Dave Rogers marked their concluding show of this tour in New Jersey by wholly playing the concert performance naked; this led to his subsequent arrest after the performance. Project Superpowers makes ample use of Golden Age superheroes who have long since lapsed into the public domain.

Writing Around Trademarks

In Idiocracyall water, drinks, milk and liquids in the world, with the one exception of Toilet Water, has been replaced by a fictional green sports drink, Brawndo, the Thirst Mutilator.

Later, an unrelated cop show called Barney Miller hit the airwaves, and became so popular that when producers of The Six Million Dollar Man brought back their villain, they decided to Retcon his name to "Barney Hiller" to avoid confusion with the later, but better-known, character.

The band teased a big announcement for December 9 via Facebook [18] On December 9 the band confirmed a 2-month spring tour with Coal ChamberFilter and Combichrist. The Miracle Max scene involves Fezzik and Inigo having to go get certain ingredients for the miracle pill, and Goldman explains that it feels a little like the Wizard of Oz making Dorothy go get the Wicked Witch's broom, but that the original version of The Princess Bride actually predates The Wonderful Wizard of Ozso, although it was really Baum ripping of Morgenstern, it comes off the other way round.

Consequentially, seconds after K9 is introduced, he is badly damaged, erasing most of his memory. The Dentist, or something.

Hanks and Cheema remarked to police that "Ottoson was a heavy sleeper, and it was not uncommon for him to sleep late before a concert. There was also an episode where Alexis is setting up a profile for Martha on a popular social networking site; Martha tells Castle that she's getting a " My Face " account.

And thus the fictional Brawndo was born. Want to say 'the Puncturer'. If word gets out online, the original name may still be used by the fans. Brazilian movie Bingo does this to Bozo the Clowngiven it is inspired by one of the actors who played him.

Perhaps the king of this trope is Anime-Gatarisa show all about getting into anime and related media.

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We all had two shots of vodka and one beer each. Better change the name before airtime, or you'll find yourself knee deep in the paperwork of a trademark infringement lawsuit. The film still includes shout-outs to Disney, such as naming the park owner Roy Walley referring to Roy Disney, the company's former executive and Walt's nephew.

July Learn how and when to remove this template message Guitarist Bryan Ottoson: Another weird meta-example happens in The Princess Bride. However, a real-life company came up with a claim for "Sunrider" and Lucasfilm reacted enough for some legal issues to arise.

Basically, since it was based on an action figurebut the action figure was incredibly vague, Mantlo created Rom's origin, abilities, supporting cast, villains, personality, non-costumed appearance, storyline, setting, and nature.

They solved the first problem by going ahead and killing the heroic Superboy in Infinite Crisis. The end result is that the Necromancer subplot is in broad strokes the same as in The Quest of Erebor, but has to be different in the details because if it wasn't they'd be adapting something they don't have the right to.

Writing Around Trademarks

Kagami is trying to find a Code Geass comic for Konota, but all utterances of the title or the name "Lelouch" are partially bleeped out, while the cover of the comic itself is blurred. No meaning by it.

Sephie is short for Josephina, which is more commonly abbreviated as Josie. Commander Rann's outfit no longer resembles his Space Glider toy counterpart very much. Just 24 hours after getting the offer to join the band, Ottoson flew to Los Angeles and marked his inclusion to the band participating in the filming of the music video " Just So You Know ".

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See 5/5(2). Find out when Speedealer is next playing live near you. List of all Speedealer tour dates and concerts. List of all Speedealer tickets and tour dates for This event has been added to your Plans.

Chase City concerts. Popular tickets in Chase City Chase City. Later this week Zeke and Speedealer will commence a month long European tour. They'll be visiting several festivals (Hultsfred, Furia Sound Festival, Fury Fest, Sjock Rock, Rheinkultur among others) and playing shows on the mainland and in the UK.

Speedealer is an American punk band hailing from Texas. Speedealer first formed in in Lubbock, TX. The original line-up consisted of Jeff Hirshberg on vocals, Chris Brown on drums, Rodney Skelton on bass, and James Follis on guitar. Get Speedealer setlists - view them, share them, discuss them with other Speedealer fans for free on holidaysanantonio.com!

Sign in to get statistics for your Speedealer Concert Setlists & Tour Dates. Jun 21 Speedealer at Small’s Bar, Detroit, MI, USA.

Speedealer tour dates
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