Gerund as an object of preposition

Gerund phrases, like gerunds alone, function as nouns in a sentence.

Gerund Phrase

A superficially similar construction is possible in standard French in cases where the object is not moved, but implied, such as Je suis pour "I'm all for it " or Il faudra agir selon "We'll have to act according to the situation ".

Gerund as direct object: Being deceived can make someone feel angry. The entire phrase serves as a noun in a sentence. A gerund is a verb in - ing form acting as a noun. The gerund can be modified by an adverb: He, having anger in his eyes, met his enemy.

Like a noun, a gerund phrase can be a subject, a D. Gerunds are nouns with -ing and they can be subjects, direct objects, indirect objects, predicate nominatives, and object of a preposition. If the "phrase" you are quoting is this: You don't know the girl that I'm talking to you about.

R-pronouns[ edit ] Dutch prepositions generally do not take the ordinary neuter pronouns het, dat, wat, etc.

Gerund as subject or object – Exercise

Object of Preposition-Before playing the music, she studied it. Traveling might satisfy your desire for new experiences. Gerund phrases always function as nouns, so they will be subjects, subject complements, or objects in the sentence, e. Like an adverb, it modifies add to meaning of a verb or other adverb in the sentence.

What are Gerunds? Grammar Rules and Examples

Robert was much talked about at the meeting. It's called a simple catenative. In an episode of Dan Vs.

Gerund after prepositions

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. It modifies tells more about the sentence. He is sleeping on the carpet. I don't object to going with them. They can function as subjects, direct objects, objects of the preposition, and predicate nouns.

They have been playing game since morning. The split occurs easily with a composite interrogative word as shown in the English example or with a composite demonstrative word as shown in the Dutch example. Jump to navigation Jump to search A gerund is a verb used as a noun.

The nominal characteristics of the gerund are as follows: We postponed making any decision. The most fun I had on the trip was swimming in the ocean.

If we go below the house and hide behind the furnace, maybe we will be unharmed. The teacher looked at the black-board. Tu connais pas la fille que je te parle de. GERUNDS: A gerund is the part of a verb ending in –ing that is partly a verb and partly a noun.

A gerund can be the subject or the object of a verb or it may be governed by a preposition. If a gerund is formed from a transitive verb it can take an object. The Gerund Recognize a gerund when you see one. Every gerund, without exception, ends in holidaysanantonio.coms are not, however, all that easy to identify.

The problem is that all present participles also end in is the difference? Preposition stranding, sometimes called P-stranding, is the syntactic construction in which a preposition with an object occurs somewhere other than immediately adjacent to its object; for example, at the end of a sentence.

Preposition stranding

The preposition is then described as stranded, hanging, or kind of construction is found mainly in English and in some other Germanic languages.

The object of a preposition is the last word in a prepositional phrase. The first word of a prepositional phrase is a preposition. Prepositions tell you the relationship of 5/5(2). Common Grammar and Usage Mistakes Below is a list of grammar and usage mistakes that are common on the Internet and elsewhere.

Please remember that in English, as in just about every language, the distinction between what's actually incorrect and.

Preposition Practice Exercise

Quiz *Theme/Title: Gerund or Infinitive? * Description/Instructions ; A gerund is a noun made from a verb by adding "-ing." Infinitives are the "to" form of the verb.

Gerund as an object of preposition
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Gerunds Examples